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Annick wearing her Art.JPG

Fur Fashion, acrylic on canvas 80cm x 80cm



Welcome to my website. I am a swiss artist, a figurative contemporary painter and I am happy to introduce you to my little world. On this site you will find most of my artworks. I hope that you'll enjoy it!


Commission work for Caviar House & Prunier

Short-movies shootings

The MAG prize 2018

Commission work for the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)


Collaboration with Nash Group Hotel in Geneva's airport

Lausanne Art Fair 19

Montreux Art Gallery 19

Move in a much larger art studio 

Sculptures and artworks on various support (plexiglass, wood,...)

Most of the art exhibitions planned have been cancelled with Covid restrictions

Mandate by a restaurant and a bar Lounge in Nyon, third permanent exhibition

Officially a Royal Talens Ambassador


Moved all my workshop in a store box

Wall painting in the Auberge de l'Union in Saint-Prex

Started a full course at the School of Tattoo (CH)

Lausanne Art Fair with Linéa Art Gallery

The Montreux Art Gallery

Release of the short movie Auguries of Innocence

Move in a new art studio

Graduation at School of Tattoo

Open my Tattoo Shop in Etoy (CH)

I try my best to keep you updated with my future exhibitions. As for my ongoing work, you can follow me on Instagram where I regularly post videos and photos on my work progress.

My artistic greetings,

Annick Goeke






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Overview of the artist's activity
Current project: Short movie collaboration
Recent paintings
Art Studio
on the move...

- If you wish to buy an original artwork, please contact me through the Contact Box.

- If you are interested in various prints of my artworks either Art prints or prints on items, please follow the links Art Majeur and RedBubble.

- If you want to follow my artistic projects, you can find me on Instagram.

- For commission work, to be wrapped, to wrap your friends or your idol, send me a message through the Contact Box.

- You can have a look at the exhibitions I participated recently. If you like my work and happen to know or own a space where I could exhibit some of my artworks, I'll be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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