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Endangered Species


This series is a continuity to the Pop series. For this one I selected a few endangered animals which are all undergoing the men stupidity; either by killing them for stealing their beauty or destroying their habitat for fulfilling their need of mondialisation.

I wanted to bring some happy colors to contrast with their look and their posture, which depict the sadness of their future. 

The panda is denouncing the deforestation, the tiger the fur business, the gorilla the doubt in the humanity, the elephant is holding his tusk safe, the polar bear is melting like the icebergs and the otter is just here praying for all his animal peers, wishing for an awareness above all.

Global warning awareness


During the COP 21 summit, I decided to paint a tryptic on a projection of the planet if the earth would warm up to 5 extra degrees celsius. I chose a few land animals which I  mix with sea-life and included monuments drawn by the sea. Some human made relics are thrown here and there, witnesses of the our short stay on this planet.

Beautiful animals in Swiss Alps

The mufflon is the emblem animal from Torgon a city in the Chablais (Swiss Alps). It is protected during the first part of the year and hunted during the second part and is protected. Its main predator is the wolf.

The Ibex is also protected and hunted to regulate the amount of them in the mountains, but only by selected authorised hunters. Some come from other america and are ready to pay up to CHF12'000.- to have this privilege.

Fortunately the Lynx is protected all year long in Switzerland.

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