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StreetArty Animals


This series is a continuity to the of Apes with Attittude series. I wanted to explore my pop animal art with a street art twist, mainly expressed by using tag lettering background.

On each artwork the text is a obvious message inspired by surrealist artist René Magritte (Ceci n'est pas une pipe). In my work the meaning remains evident but  it is purposely hidden by the condensed lettering. It depicts the constant overwhelming information of the actual media where quality content is to be searched and analysed  as everything is jumping at us without any filters.

Reading the painting require the observer being active, otherwise he or she will stay in a blur with a noisy background.

The painted ceramic piggy bank is a commission work for Caviar House & Prunier. I have been chosen by the luxury Food company to represent their brand in a fund raising project run by the French-Lebanese artist Mouna Rebeiz, for Innocence in Danger UK. Thirty five piggy banks have been customised by international renown artists and designers and a selection of 15 only were selected for the live auction conducted by Sotheby's. The piggy banks were exhibited for a whole week at Saatchi Gallery in London (see event).

The gorilla clay sculpture is a prototype of a larger series sculptures. I am currently working on a larger version which will be moulded and created in a limited series.

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