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The sculpture interest started a long time ago during my art studies. However I reconnected with the 3D art with the ceramic pig I customised for Caviar House & Prunier in 2018.

The gorilla clay sculpture is the prototype of the current sculpture I am working on: Cigarilla.

Cigarilla has been reproduced in resin by Frederic Amacher a swiss art founder based in Valais. I currently have 10 sculptures of cigarillas to customise for clients.

After many weeks of work to reshape the multiple facets by sanding the whole series , they are eventually ready to be painted.

The Off-White, the Black Powder, the Black Lacquered and the Silver Shine

The following Cigarilla is the Leathered. It is joining the series which will be exhibited at Lausanne Art Fair from the 2nd to the 5th go May 2019

The most recent Cigarillas were designed for the Montreux Art Gallery (MAG): Pearl, Copper, CityBronze, Coal, Chanel and Hermès.


3D Art


My experience in 3D started with a collaboration for a short-movie. Peter Rebeiz from Balik Farm Studio asked me first to create masks for the dancers in a videoclip. Having recycled old fashion mannequins recently, he also ordered me five pieces to be customised for a particular scene in the movie taking place in an old power station.

Extending my artistic skills in these projects lead me to discover a new artistic world, where I eventually combined my various knowledge to create movie sets, props, clothes and so on... 

As the shooting scenes are not all done I can only post a few photos of my work for the moment.

More info on the short-movie is available  here.

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