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This series is based on symbols and words arranged to bring a particular message.

The Fighters: Fighter fish cannot live among peers, they constantly try to kill each others. They are here symbolising the turmoil in the businessman head regarding his way to reach success.

The Gift: The  body is a gift from mother nature. The intention in this painting here is to offer a reflection about the woman-object, seen by a male or female point of view. In both ways, it could be a chance of a poisonous gift. The top (head) is missing for two different reasons: it allows every woman to project herself in the ideal body and the man to imagine  a plastic beauty without mind... Is it still a gift?

Seeds of Love, Seeds of Life is a metaphor of our origins. Adam and Eve are here carved in the apple, Adam protecting Eve and Eve looking towards her seeds.

Self Transparency is an auto-portrait. The transparency found in the hand represents the "mise à nu", the self-exposure, when doing one's own portrait. One allows the other to see though oneself... It is probably one of the most difficult thing to paint, as it requires the faculty of being the most objective possible on the most subjective subject. 

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