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Light on Dark


Light on Dark is a series on different aspects of the woman which are mostly difficult to apprehend. Light on Dark as much on the pictural aspect as on the topic: Light for the focus and interest on her, Dark for the obscure ways she represents.

-Wrong Landing is an angel in the water, a place nobody associates with the character. It represents all the unattended facets  of a woman, the ones we discover, the ones she ignores herself.

-Meditation represents the break of the social self, the withdrawal and introspection. It is the resourcing process to connect with the Yin side of the woman.

-The Nest is the maternity aspect. With the baby birds on the top of her head and the finger on her mouth, it shows the priorities induced by motherhood. Maintaining exterior harmony and balance and quieting personal needs.

-Ivy is the woman seen as a plant. She needs special care, attention and light.

-Liquid Dress represents the feminine seduction: her game between invitation and refusal, attraction and distance, the whole fluidity of her emotions, very versatile and ephemeral. 

-Cover(ed) Girl is the Cover Girl of Magazine, the woman in her plastic splendor, as well as the covered girl, starting the next series on the textures (J'emballe les Hommes).


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