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J'emballe les Hommes

I wrapped men


This serie "J'emballe les hommes" was based on the french idiom I wrapped men, which means "I seduce men". I chose to work with this sentence in the literal and figurative way. I started to paint handsome men wrapped into various wraps: food paper, gift paper, plastic and postal paper. I then extended the concept to women as well in order to bring some balance. 

This project started in 2016 and is still on. New wraps and covers will be painted in the future...

The Mask serie is an extension of the wrapping work on women subject. The mask is here representing the way women can cover (or transform) themselves to seduce and/or to hide. The daily makeup is the common way to play with the apprearences, as the use of the mask is an open way to hide the identity.

"Social Masks, Social Lies" is a representation of the multiple covers one single person can develop to create his or her own character, in order to cope with the social enviroment.

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