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Entre Terre et Ciel

Between Earth and Sky

These two paintings have been created for an artistic event organised by the artists association riv'art. "Entre Terre et Ciel" was the main theme which was explored by each artist and represented into a square canvas of 80cmx80cm. (see exhibition 2017)

As a figurative artist I chose to work around the angel character.

The first painting is representing an angel with human vice (smoking habits). Light is often associated with the good side. In this painting, the body is define by the reflection of the light on the skin and through the wings. The only coloured item is the porte-cigarette in orange, a warm tone which brings an illusion of confort and freedom in this cold black and white environment.


The second painting represents the two worlds, Earth and Sky, painted upside down; inversely for human, maybe correct for an angel... It is always strictly a point of view.

In this second black and white painting I also chose one single colored item, the chair, which design has been inspired by Nature. It opposes itself with the cold architecture of the skyline. The angel is crouched as if observing her world, before leaving.

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