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Annick Goeke


Hi, I'm Annick. I started with a Swiss Maturity in Visual Art followed by the Superior School of Art and Design, the HEAD* in Fashion Design, in Geneva (Switzerland). Then I switched my studies to do a M.Sc in Psychology (at UNIGE) and worked since 1998 as a therapist, using mainly Energy therapies.

Drawing has always been a passion during my childhood and I left it aside for different priorities (work and children). When I resumed drawing to accompany my daughter's identical passion, I realised how much it brought to me to reconnect with my artistic side.

In 2018 I moved my new Art Studio in Les Ateliers de la Côte and worked as a full-time artist. I opened my Tattoo parlour Coco Ink in Etoy and I receive since then my clients in my cosy Tattoo Studio which I decorated with my artistic story.

*HEAD: Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design



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