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Annick Goeke


Hi, I'm Annick. I started with a Swiss Maturity in Visual Art followed by the Superior School of Art and Design, the HEAD* in Fashion Design, in Geneva (Switzerland). Then I switched my studies to do a M.Sc in Psychology (at UNIGE) and worked since 1998 as a therapist, using mainly Energy therapies.

Drawing has always been a passion during my childhood and I left it aside for different priorities (work and children). A couple of years ago I resumed drawing to accompany my daughter's identical passion. I realised how much it brought to me to reconnect with my artistic side.

As a full time artist I now approach the human being from a different perspective, playing  with the colors, the movement, the light and the double meaning in words to work around his particular complexity.


Since I consider the world and the human being from a holistic approach, the interconnectivity concept in-between and within the individuals is a preset reality. The many facets of one's personality is the wealth of strategies one develops to face one's own reality. But it is also the way to be drifted apart from the real Self, the drop of Soul within the body, and to live in the Illusion we created (societies, hierarchies, categories, dichotomy concept, strategies and beliefs to name only a few...) The facets are multiple and still serve the same whole. You will see it through my topics that I chose to work around what might look like many different interests at first, however the main subject remains the Me/Self, Me/Others and Me/World.

Therefore a series is always led by a main topic which will mostly ends with the beginning of a new one (J'emballe les hommes to Masks, or Pop to Animals). That's the continuity of my artistic process.

I became passionate by textures and how to render the illusion of various material. It is a ongoing challenge to find ways to play with colours only, and leave the observer brain reconstructing from the bi-dimensional representation a particular  "3D" texture. 

In 2017 I started a new concept of wrapping people based on the french idiom "Je vous emballe". 

In 2018 I extended my passion for animals viewed from an urban approach with a pop and street art style. After my first experience on the movie sets during several shootings, my interest for the three dimensional Art started to grow. 

Therefore 2019 was mainly dedicated for deepen my knowledge in 3D art with small and large format sculptures. As for the painting I continued my hyperrealistic series on "Memories" in hands.

2020 started with the difficult period of Covid-19. The virus affected me strongly for two whole months. I only resumed working recently. Back on track, I worked on larger sculptures and artworks on various support (plexiglass, wood,...). Most of the art exhibitions planned have been cancelled with covid restrictions. However I was mandated by a restaurant and a bar Lounge in Nyon, and became officially a Royal Talens Ambassador.

In 2021 I had to move all my workshop in a self box and wait for a new place to work. I did a wall painting in the Auberge de l'Union in Saint-Prex and started a full course as a tattoo artist at the School of Tattoo in Fribourg. Great turn in my new life. At the end of the year I exhibited at the Lausanne Art Fair with Linea Art Gallery and then at The Montreux Art Gallery. I ended with the release of the short movie Auguries of Innocence by Balik Farm Studio Entertainment.

In 2022 I moved in my new art studio and opened of my Tattoo parlour in Etoy (CH).

*HEAD: Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design



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